hearing that Noel
expressed excitement
about teaching his sons to “throw stuff at cows,” Joan Jett called out the former Oasis frontman, stating:

guy is a putz! I am embarrassed he is Irish and from [the] same county as my
grandparents on my father’s side. Maybe if this bully wants to throw things, he
should try throwing something at somebody who can fight back, like me.”

keep you updated on whether Gallagher decides to pick on somebody from his own
species. Meanwhile, elsewhere in celebrityland, plenty of other stars are
throwing their support at animals, including
Alec Baldwin, who unveiled his new circus exposé for PETA at a news conference
in New York City.

Kellan Lutz revealed his PETA
billboard in Los Angeles to his Twitter followers in a picture that’s worthy of its
own bedroom wall space.

other vampire/werewolf news, PETA buddies Famke Janssen and Eli Roth are
working together on Netflix’s adaptation of the otherworldly novel Hemlock Grove. You can bet that this
will be an animal-friendly set.

Photo by Andrew Southam/Weiss Artists Inc. For The Cloutier Agency: Hair by Charles Dujic Makeup by Tracy Sondern Styling by Heidi Meek Props by Darren Ransdell

“animal-friendly” also describes the set that Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt shared while making Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Ewan told Conan O’Brien
that his rescued dog Sid loved going to work with him, and he even attached a
sidecar to his motorcycle for toting Sid along.

dog Bo Obama is always right in the middle of his family’s adventures. Michelle Obama told David Letterman, “He
is my son. I have two girls and a boy.”

Sophia Bush’s US Weekly magazine list
of “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” includes her rescued pit bulls
Patch and Penny. Sophia has a huge heart for animals, and we hope all of her #LittleVoices join her in supporting
animal adoption!

something that you may not have known about Diane Keaton: In her new memoir, Then Again, she talks about being a vegetarian for the past 25 years. Join
Diane in going vegetarian—order a free
vegetarian/vegan starter kit here, and help save animals, protect the environment, and
preserve your health. 

Diamondbacks infielder Geoff
announced that he did a vegan cleanse that helped
him drop 10 pounds and recover from knee surgery. We
hope his vegan adventure continues, so we’re sending him a copy of Vegan Bodybuilding Fitness by
Robert Cheeke for tips on how to stay fit for the field on a plant-based diet.

up with the latest celebrity animal news by following @PETA on Twitter.

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