first time that PETA staffer David Perle saw Dizzy, the hamster was nestled in
the arms of a young girl who had rescued him from an apartment complex parking
lot and was searching for his owner. A group of boys had tried to tell her that
he was theirs, but she suspected their motives were less than pure and refused
to hand Dizzy over. (A PETA
in the making, perhaps?) When she happened upon David, he agreed to take the
little hamster in if no one claimed him.

that very night, David’s two cats, Ella (after Fitzgerald) and Billie (after
Holiday), welcomed their new roommate. When a friend sent David a picture of
Dizzy Gillespie with his cheeks puffed out as he played the trumpet juxtaposed next
to a picture of a hamster whose cheek pockets were
stuffed with goodies, the resemblance was uncanny, and the hamster was named,
completing the jazzy family. It’s a wonder that Dizzy didn’t get dizzy rolling around the apartment inside
his plastic hamster ball.

never know how Dizzy’s life started—it’s possible that
someone purchased him from a pet
and then dumped him outdoors
when he was no longer wanted. But we know that he was happy and loved after he was
lucky enough to be rescued by a wise little girl and adopted by a caring

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Article source: PETA Files

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