Congratulations to mail-order retailer Haband, which just snagged a PETA
Proggy Award! (“Proggy” stands for “progress.”) 

When Haband saw our undercover video footage
showing how many birds
used for down
have their feathers forcefully ripped out of their sensitive skin, the company
pulled all down-filled items from its website and vowed never to sell down
again. Haband also posted an awesome message on its website so that whenever a
customer searches it for an item containing down, this is what they will see:

Haband is doing a great service for its
customers by offering blankets, pillows, and coats that are made with materials such as
polyfill that are just as warm as, and less expensive than, down. And the
company is doing a great service for birds, who will no longer be held down and
plucked alive, leaving them covered in painful, bloody wounds, for the
company’s products.

Thanks to Haband for its compassionate

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Article source: PETA Files

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