The Miami
swing into the regular season in a new ballpark, opening tonight, featuring engraved pavement stones in the East Plaza, one of which reads:

As you may have detected, the first letters of the words in
this message spell out “,” a Web address that brings up a page on PETA’s website about the cruelty involved in
fishing and the reasons to give fish a break. Yep, it’s a hidden message placed by PETA—after all, when animals’
lives are on the line (pun intended), why limit attention-getting pranks about fish to April Fools’ Day?

Help the (Real) Marlins

Marlins are a species of fish. And they, like all fish, are much
more beautiful alive and swimming in the ocean than on a menu.

Fish (including marlins) feel pain, and they suffer when they’re caught on a hook or in a net and dragged into an
environment in which they can’t breathe. It’s much better to choose
cruelty-free activities instead—like, say, watching a baseball game.

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Article source: PETA Files

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