Today, Canada is allowing sealers in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to stalk baby seals across the ice, smash their
heads in with clubs, ram hooks into their eyes or mouths, and drag them back to
the boats, despite the fact that there’s no market for the seal fur. They will also
rip the skin off the seals’ bodies while some of the animals are still alive. But
you can help stop it—and it can be as simple as taking to Twitter.

(c) Sea Shepard Conservation Society

The Slaughter Has
Slowed—Let’s Stop It

The market for Canada’s seal pelts continues its downward
spiral as more and more nations, including the U.S., countries in the E.U., and
most recently Russia—which
had imported 95 percent of Canadian seal pelts—ban seal products. Even some of Canada’s
own members of Parliament are publicly questioning whether the annual
massacre should continue. Tell them “No” emphatically by choosing one
(or more) of the messages below to tweet to all your friends and followers, asking
them to help spread the word as well:

  • The Canadian seal slaughter has begun! Take
    action 2 stop the massacre of thousands of seals and RT: via @peta

  • This is a picture of a baby seal. RT if u think
    it’s wrong 4 Canada 2 slaughter him:
    #SaveTheSeals via @peta

And while you’re at it, send a polite tweet to Canadian Prime
Minister Stephen Harper (@pmharper) urging him to call off the slaughter

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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