Ali MacGraw’s latest love story isn’t
being played out on the big screen but rather in the halls of Congress. The
longtime PETA member is working to protect U.S. horses from being transported
across the border only to be slaughtered for dog food or human consumption. Ali
wrote to her friend Sen. Tom Udall from New Mexico on PETA’s behalf imploring him to support the American Horse Slaughter
Prevention Act of 2011
, which she told him “would
effectively end the use of U.S. horses for food.”

Horse: Adrian Parnham | cc by 2.0 Ali MacGraw: (c) StarmaxInc

Last year, Congress
restored funding for U.S. inspectors
to oversee horse slaughter, making it legal once again for horses to be shot in the
head, be strung up by one leg, and have their throats cut in the U.S. However,
nothing has ever made it illegal to transport horses on a harrowing journey to
Mexico or Canada—crammed inside low-ceilinged trucks designed for cattle—through
all types of weather with no food or even a sip of water and then be

The new bill is terrific
and vital because it would end both
the slaughter of horses in the U.S. and the export of horses to Mexico and
Canada for slaughter.

Tom,” Ali wrote, “will you sign on to this bill right away,
vigorously support it, and persuade others in positions of power to do the
same? Time is of the essence. This extremely important bill cannot be allowed
to fall through the cracks.

Join Ali in helping end all slaughter of U.S. horses by asking
your senators and representatives to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention
Act of 2011. Because thousands of horses leave the country for the
slaughterhouse each year, time is of
the essence.

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Article source: PETA Files

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