Brewers outfielder Nyjer

may juggle many personalities in front of the camera and on the field, but he
always returns home to his adopted cat, Slick Willie. Milwaukee’s fan favorite
poses with his number one fan in an ad
for PETA, encouraging everyone to “adopt,
don’t buy” companion animals

Slick Willie stole T-Plush’s heart, he waited in a shelter, in desperate need
of a loving home. If it weren’t for Nyjer, Slick Willie could have been one of
the 3 to 4 million lost, abandoned, or unwanted dogs and cats who are euthanized every year for lack
of good homes. When Nyjer adopted Slick Willie, he not only changed his own
life (even bringing out a softer side, he admits!) but also saved a life.

See Nyjer and Slick Willie at home, and
find out how an “alpha male” like Tony Plush became a “cat man”:

explains that animal adoption “fight[s] animal abuse.” He ensured that
Slick Willie would never join the approximately 35 million homeless cats
who currently fight for their lives. For them, every day is deadly battle
against cars, cruel people, untreated diseases or wounds, and other threats.
Countless homeless kittens continue to be born and face this fate—one female cat and her descendants can produce
370,000 kittens
in just seven years! Help save cats from suffering on the streets: adopt and spay or neuter your
animal companions!

Slick Willie has made many adorable appearances in T-Plush’s famously entertaining tweets.
Join Nyjer and spread the word about
animal adoption! Follow @peta
on Twitter and then

and tell us why you love Nyjer’s ad or your own
rescued best friend. Don’t forget to
include #AdoptDontBuy
, and your tweet
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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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