dairy farm manager who repeatedly electro-shocked a cow in the face and brushed
off the fact that his workers hit cows with poles and canes by saying that they
sometimes “get carried away” is still employed as a manager at the
farm—a month after PETA notified the farm’s owners of the cruelty and released
video evidence of the abuse.

More Cruelty Caught on Video

same manager at Adirondack
Farms, LLC
, in Peru, New York, was
recorded jabbing a downed cow in the ribs with a screwdriver and dragging her behind
a skid steer. He cursed at her—calling her a “dumb b***h” and asking
how the “f**k” she was unable to stand. You may remember that this
man stated that when a cow’s uterus prolapses during calving, workers simply “put
[the uterus] back in and hope she lives … long enough for the beef truck to
come get her.”

Farm Silent on Ending Abuse

we went public with the video footage that we gathered during our undercover investigation, we asked the farm’s
owners to take immediate disciplinary action, including termination, against
the employees who were documented abusing animals. We gave the owners a
detailed list of men and explained what they did. We followed up. Four weeks
later, the owners remain silent. Even after eye-opening news reports on the case, neither Adirondack
Farms nor Agri-Mark, the company that it supplies with milk, has announced
taking a single meaningful step to improve their animal welfare standards. And
that this manager is still on the job at the farm suggests that it’s cruel
business as usual there and beyond in the dairy industry.

What You Can Do

  •  Urge
    CEO Dr. Richard Stammer
      to implement PETA’s recommendations
    immediately to end the most egregious abuses of cows on cooperative members’
  • Send a polite e-mail to Jon Rulfs, an owner of Adirondack Farms, LLC, asking
    him to discipline and/or terminate the employees PETA documented hitting,
    whipping, shocking, jabbing, dragging, and neglecting his cows.
  • For
    calcium without the cruelty, check out PETA’s list of delicious dairy replacements
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Article source: PETA Files

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