you always have a sleepless night after watching a horror movie, you might want
to think twice before sitting down to a meal of dead bodies. Here’s why meat is
more dangerous than an ax-wielding maniac:

There’s something deadly in the water.

you’re still eating fish despite the dangers of mercury, might I suggest that
you may also enjoy a summer job at Camp Crystal Lake?

The hormones will get you every time

every randy teenage slasher-flick victim can attest, hormones can be deadly. Hormones in meat can cause all sorts of
unsexy conditions, such as “moobs.” Which leads me to
number three …

Which would you rather have a standoff

Eating meat causes impotence. Given their druthers, I
think a lot of men would opt instead for the hockey mask–wearing serial killer.

The chubby guy always gets it.

another good reason not to ingest all the saturated fat that meat contains.

It’s getting hard to breathe.

yourself short of breath when you hear that ominous theme music (“Ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma”)?
The toxic gasses and bacteria that wind
spreads from factory farms make it even more difficult to inhale.

Stay out of the woods.

you ever shout, “Why are you running into the woods?!” when some
moron is being chased by a psycho? People in real life do dumb things that lead
to their untimely demise, too, like eating meat, eggs, and dairy products even
though bad diets are to blame for one-third of all cancer deaths

Farms are generally good to avoid, too.

you seen PETA’s slasher movie that features video footage from chicken farms? If you’re too chicken … don’t eat chicken.

A knife isn’t the only thing that will
stop a heart.

Heart disease caused by diets high in
artery-clogging animal products will do the trick, too.

What kills a killer?

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason
Takes Manhattan
, Voorhees is finally done in by toxic waste in the sewers.
If the kids had only gotten him into one of the waterways polluted with factory-farm runoff, he would’ve been a
goner a lot sooner.

The killer always comes back to life.

got its own resilient killer: antibiotic-resistant bacteria caused by the overuse
of antibiotics on factory farms.

Freddy vs. Jason

meat and dairy products, trying to choose which
is more deadly is like trying to decide which serial killer you want to take a
weekend getaway with.

Guess what’s hiding behind the barn door.

Poo. And lots of it. Yeah,
it gets in meat, too.

Death … and taxes

the worst thing about how deadly meat is, is that we actually have to pay for it—both at the check-out counter
and in the form of government subsidies. I mean, at least when Jason is
swinging a machete, he’s not simultaneously asking for your wallet—am I right?

Slash your risk of
getting killed off early by running
from meat
as if your life depended
on it. (But don’t go running through the woods. That’s never a good idea.)

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Article source: PETA Files

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