“As a lifelong
Democrat, I never thought I’d lead an effort to defend the symbol of the
Republican Party,” writes Alec Baldwin in a letter to the U.S. Department of
Agriculture’s (USDA) Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Baldwin is sending
Vilsack the video he hosted for PETA exposing Ringling Bros.’ abuse of animals
and asking the USDA to take action.

the fact that many states and cities have animal protection laws in place that prohibit
abuse such as beating
animals with steel-tipped bullhooks, forcing crippled animals
to work
, or keeping animals in chains, state and local laws often go unenforced, and circuses like Ringling continue their cruel business as usual. But the USDA has the power to change

Local laws designed to protect these animals are not being
enforced because the circus skirts authorities or uses its financial clout to
get them to look the other way,” wrote Alec. “That’s why I am writing
to you and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to step up and enforce the Animal
Welfare Act.

the Animal Welfare Act, the USDA has the power to seize all of Ringling’s
arthritic elephants who are forced to perform, meaning that these animals, who
are beaten day after day to make them to perform painful stunts, could then be
retired to sanctuaries. It would be another positive step for the USDA to take toward
protecting animals from cruelty, after last year’s landmark $270,000 fine levied against
for animal welfare violations.

Alec in asking the USDA to step up in behalf of elephants once again.

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Article source: PETA Files

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