Urge CBL Associates to End Sale of Exotic Animals

Sugar gliders are tiny, exotic marsupials often sold at “Pocket Pets” mall kiosks across the U.S. After receiving complaints about a Pocket Pets kiosk at the Georgia Square Mall in Athens, Georgia, PETA reached out to CBL Associates Properties, the corporation that manages the mall, and asked the company to do away with kiosks that sell sugar gliders and any other animals. Please join us today in calling on CBL Associates to do the right thing and end the sale of live animals at the malls it owns, manages, and develops.

Contrary to what sellers would have prospective buyers believe, sugar gliders are high-maintenance animals. They are nocturnal, which means that they become active right when most people want to sleep, and they are messy and fussy eaters who require a highly regimented diet. Sugar gliders are sold individually, but in their native habitat, they live in small family groups of up to 30. Sugar gliders require specialized veterinary care as most dog and cat practices have no expertise in caring for exotic species. Private ownership of sugar gliders is prohibited in Alaska, California, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii.

Many people who buy sugar gliders quickly develop buyer’s remorse, leaving the animals to languish—ignored and neglected—in cramped cages. Or the animals die as they are shuffled from one owner to the next. Many of them are relinquished to animal shelters or are simply turned loose with the mistaken belief that they’ll somehow fend for themselves, which they are not equipped to do. As a result, many sugar gliders are left to suffer and die of starvation and dehydration.

PETA’s pleas to CBL Associates have so far fallen on deaf ears. Please help us change that. Urge CEO Stephen Lebovitz to adopt a policy that prohibits the display and sale of exotic animals at all of the company’s properties.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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