Following discussions with PETA, PUMA—one of the world’s largest
designers and developers of sports footwear, apparel, and accessories—has
pledged never to use animal
, wool that comes from mulesed (i.e., mutilated) Australian sheep, or exotic-animal skins. How appropriate that a company named after one of nature’s most beautiful
animals would help protect so many others!

For help in making animal-friendly choices, check out PETA’s
cruelty-free shopping

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Article source: PETA Files

2 thoughts on “PUMA Bans Fur and Exotic Skins

  1. Mulesing…does anyone know what it is and why its necessary? I agree that it could be done with a topic analgesic but it really is needed in Australia.

    In Australia, they have an abundance of flies. There is a joke that the national Aussie salute is waving your hand in front of your face as though you’re waving away flies.

    Anyway, blow flies, look them up, they’re disgusting, will lay eggs in the dung stuck to a sheeps fur around it’s backside. When the eggs hatch into maggots, the maggots actually eat into the sheep and will eventually kill it.

    UNLESS the sheep has the wool and skin removed around its bum, so that a smooth scar forms, so wool doesn’t grow back in that area. This process is mulesing. The area needs to scar, so that the ‘fur’ or wool doesn’t grow in that area, so dung doesn’t get caught in the animals fur and the animal won’t die from fly larvae.

    Wool is one of the best natural fibers on earth and its BIODEGRADEABLE. As far as I know ‘fleece’ made from polyester fiber or plastic water bottles doesn’t have the properties of wool and it takes a much more environmentally harmful dye to dye polyester fiber.

    Do your research. Don’t just write off wool as cruel.

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    1. This article explains more about mulesing and why it is cruel:

      There are some good alternatives to mulesing listed here that show why it is unnecessary:

      Also, an argument against wool from Australian sheep is the cruel trip across the ocean that each sheep must endure before being slaughtered:

      It is obvious wool is cruel if you do the proper research.

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