Exciting news from our pals at PETA India! Following that
group’s extensive campaign, the Indian government has issued guidelines to the
Medical Council of India, the Pharmacy Council of India, and the University
Grants Commission instructing them to completely
stop dissection
and experimentation on animals to train
both undergraduate and postgraduate students and use non-animal methods of teaching

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Going All Out for All
Animals in Laboratories

This campaign was hard-fought. In addition to writing
letters to the Ministry of Environment and Forests (which issued the
guidelines) and the entities mentioned above, efforts included gathering petition
signatures from university students, letters from and meetings held by progressive
scientists, and work by other caring individuals as well as online outreach,
celebrity involvement, media pressure, and demonstrations. And of course, the
PETA Foundation’s administrative, fundraising, and finance departments helped
keep the campaign afloat.

Another key to this victory was a recent brainstorming
session among government scientists and other researchers in which PETA India participated,
making the point that animals are not required in order to train students. Indeed,
as the ministry said in issuing the guidelines, “Nowadays effective alternatives in the form of CDs, computer simulations, manikin/models, in vitro methods, etc are available and they are not only effective
and absolute replacements to the use of animals in teaching anatomy/physiology
but they are also superior pedagogic tools in the teaching of pharmacy/life

How You Can Help
Animals in University Laboratories

Countless animals continue to suffer and die in laboratories
at U.S. colleges and universities—please take action to persuade the U.S. to follow India’s compassionate and forward-thinking

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Article source: PETA Files

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