her work on The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels is accustomed to saving lives. But for one horse, her help arrived just hours
before he would have been sent on a journey to become hamburger.

From the Winner’s Circle to the Kill Pen

a PETA investigation of horse
, in which horses are taken from a meat buyer to a Canadian slaughterhouse, our investigators
discovered ex-racehorse Royale With Speed packed into a “kill pen.” A
grandson of renowned Triple Crown winner Secretariat, Royale With Speed’s racing [] days were over, and our investigators stood witness as he was sold for
slaughter for $350. He was dehydrated and running a fever of 103.7 degrees Fahrenheit,
and his lymph nodes were so swollen that they later burst and oozed pus through
the skin.

Speedy Save for Royale With Speed

called the wonderful PETA supporter who cares for another of our rescued
thoroughbreds, Coming Home,
and she agreed immediately to give Royale With Speed a home on her ranch.
Jillian stepped up to buy the horse and cover his transportation costs, and
together, we were able to save him from enduring a 36-hour journey in
subfreezing temperatures aboard a cramped transport truck—with no food or water—that
would have ended at a slaughterhouse.

weeks of intensive care, Royale With Speed, now renamed Gray Man, has fully
recovered. He spends his days lolling on the grass and romping with his new friend
Coming Home—who also has a new name, Little Winner.

What You Can Do

of thousands of horses are shipped to slaughter every year. Jillian has voiced
her support for ending
horse slaughter
to Congress. Please join her.


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Article source: PETA Files

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