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weekly dose of “Awww!” Here are just a few of the animals who were rescued during
PETA investigations

may already know about feathers, but what else is hiding
inside those McNuggets

devoted dog puts herself
in danger
to stick close to her dead friend’s side in the middle of a busy road.

proves that baboons can
learn to identify words
. Which word do you think they prefer, “freedom” or “home”? 

does your digestive tract have in common with pig feces?

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New Features

We’ve all seen
the disturbing videos of cruelty to animals that brave PETA investigators have filmed, but the investigators themselves stay
out of the limelight. If you would like to send a special message to them, here’s
your chance.

It’s almost Earth Day—do you know how you’re celebrating yet?

Action Alerts

Ask Circus World Museum not to host animal exhibitors who violate the
Animal Welfare Act.

After you’ve read about PETA’s breaking horse
transport and slaughter investigation, voice your support for the American Horse Slaughter
Prevention Act of 2011

A whistleblower leaked video footage that documented
that Coast Guard members hacked goats’ limbs off with tree trimmers, pulled out
their internal organs, and stabbed them, all while the animals moaned and
kicked. Ask the military
to replace animals in trauma training with superior human simulators.

Tell the U.S. Department of Agriculture
not to slash the number of federal inspectors at chicken and turkey slaughterhouses, opening the door for more abuse of

Scene and Heard

Veg Week 2012 is upon us. Don’t let it pass you by without doing something to help animals killed
for food.

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Article source: PETA Files

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