Gardein is the
plant-based protein source that’s sweeping the nation. With out-of-this-world
flavor and products ranging from “home style beefless tips” to
“mandarin orange crispy chick’n,” it’s no wonder why so many people
have decided to “cheat on meat” with Gardein!

Gardein is committed to
producing food that people love to eat, but in addition to tasting delicious,
its products are also animal-free, good for you, and easy on the planet.

you dying to try it for yourself? Use Gardein’s simple
store locator

to search for a grocery store near you that carries Gardein products. Don’t see
your local grocer on the list? Simply ask your store manager to carry it. Reallyit’s that easy! Just print out the form below, fill it out, and present it to the
manager at your local grocery store. You’ll be enjoying Gardein in your very
own kitchen in no time!

in the U.S.? Gardein also has a Canadian product-request

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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