Her left thigh was split wide open, exposing a festering wound the size of a baseball. The stray cat had suffered for months while the infected wound worsened, before a PETA supporter spotted her and contacted us for help.

Knowing that the cat was likely in immense pain, we quickly got local officials to set up a trap and also enlisted several dedicated volunteers to set up and monitor traps and search around the clock for the elusive cat. It took four days and no small amount of effort, but a savvy rescuer finally caught the scared, hurting animal and rushed her to a veterinarian.

Seeing how severe the cat’s injuries were, the vet recommended euthanasia. After months of suffering, she was peacefully freed.

From talking to other people in the area, PETA caseworkers surmised that some had seen the suffering cat but never did anything to help. Animals pay the price when we count on “other people” to help them. When you see an animal in need, please take immediate action. Call animal control or the police, and if both are unresponsive, call PETA for help.

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Article source: PETA Files

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