The 20th-anniversary edition of PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk‘s
book Free the Animals has been
released—get yours from the PETA
—and the brilliant host of HBO’s Real Time
(and PETA honorary board member) Bill Maher has given it a rave review on the Huffington

Bill gives an overview of some of the amazing victories PETA has won for animals
in the two decades since Free the Animals
was first published—and some of the things that still haven’t changed
enough—while touting it as “the riveting, real-life story of the people
who put on disguises, use fake IDs or jimmy their way into laboratories in
order to carry out the daring rescues of animals used in experiments and of the
insiders, the whistleblowers, who risk their jobs to help them.”

If you don’t believe Bill, though, take it from Penny (the canine
companion of peta2
Manager Ryan Huling), who is clearly spellbound by Free the Animals.


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Article source: PETA Files

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