Just a month after HBO canceled Luck
amid protests over the deaths
of three horses
a whistleblower has released to PETA startling documents alleging abuse far
beyond what anybody had guessed—and much worse than HBO or producers David
Milch and Michael Mann ever admitted. See the full story in The Washington Post.

Among the information
that the whistleblower released was this heartbreaking photograph, which allegedly
shows the body of Marc’s Shadow, the 8-year-old arthritic thoroughbred whose
leg fractured when he was being filmed in a racing sequence:

The documents, which are e-mails, notes,
and complaints from the American Humane Association (AHA) representatives on
the set, paint a picture of drugging, deception, and neglect. The following are
among the allegations:

  • To
    save money, horses were underfed. One horse was an alarming 300 pounds
    underweight. Trainer Matt Chew proposed to cover the protruding ribs of another
    horse with a blanket during filming.
  • Horses
    who were sick were still used in filming.
  • Some
    sick horses disappeared from the set without explanation, and the trainer was
    warned that he could be charged with neglect.
  • Improperly
    trained, unprepared horses were used in racing sequences,
    endangering the horses and jockeys.
  • Horses
    were regularly drugged,
    including being tranquilized in order to keep them docile.
  • The
    trainer attempted to deceive humane officers by providing false names for
    horses, apparently to keep the humane officers from finding out that the horses
    were unfit for running the “races” required for filming.

The situation was so dangerous for the
horses on the Luck set, the documents
allege, that AHA-hired humane officers urged AHA executives to recommend the
dismissal of trainer Matt Chew. However, there’s no evidence that the AHA acted
on its officers’ advice.

PETA has presented this new evidence of
abuse to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and renewed our request for
an independent investigation. We will keep you updated.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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