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A New Jersey cow can spend her weekend
fist-pumping (hoof-pumping?) after she escaped from a slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse owner has agreed to let the cow spend the rest of her life
on a farm.

Monkey see, monkey throw rocks. A chimpanzee stuck in a zoo in Sweden is taking out his frustrations on visitors with an old-fashioned
stoning. Hmm, I wonder what he could be trying to tell us …?

Taking a page from the chimpanzee’s
book, two South African cheetahs
injured tourists

who went inside their “petting area.”

Is Fido’s food infected? Some dog food has been recalled after a salmonella outbreak.

Cars take a breather as something else
gets the blame for L.A.’s

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New Features

In celebration
of Mother’s Day, PETA presents 10 animal mommas in action.

We cried with
him in The Green Mile and laughed
with him in Talladega Nights, and
now we’re celebrating with gentle giant Michael Clarke Duncan as he talks about his decision to go
vegetarian in his new PETA video.  

New Action Alerts

Urge Avon Lake, Ohio, not to use cruel bowhunting to kill deer. Families are torn apart,
many deer are wounded and may take weeks to die, and young animals die of
starvation when their mothers are killed.

In the wake of
a PETA investigation of a South Carolina hoarder, urge officials to amend the
law to prohibit convicted
hoarders from acquiring more animals

let Ringling dissuade Atlanta
from enforcing its bullhook ban, which would place the city’s entire animal
control department in jeopardy.

Scene and Heard

efforts by PETA India, the Election Commission of India has prohibited candidates
from using live animals for any part of their campaigns.

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