Nominated for an Oscar for his starring
role in The Green Mile, FOX’s The Finder‘s, Michael Clarke Duncan’s
healthful vegetarian diet keeps him in the best shape of his life. Once plagued
by illnesses and spending thousands of dollars on meat, Michael has turned his
health around by going
He joins
Simmons, Bill Clinton, Woody Harrelson,
Forest Whitaker,
and a long list of other healthy,
men whose meat-free lifestyles help save animals’ lives and their own.

Michael’s exclusive behind-the-scenes interview
to hear his

Since going vegetarian, “Big Mike”
has shed 35
pounds from his 6-foot-5 frame—and
is a lot healthier. Michael keeps his
trimmer, fitter body strong by getting much of his vitamins and nutrients
from plants. Instead of packing on protein
from an artery-clogging steak, he eats fruits, vegetables, and legumes such as
beans, peanuts, and tofu,
just like vegetarian athletes Ricky Williams,
Mac Danzig,
and Daniel Bryan,
just to name a few. Going vegetarian keeps Michael at a lesser risk of our
nation’s biggest killers, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and strokes.

Follow Michael’s Step-by-Step Plan for Going Vegetarian

Michael took the
following steps to go vegetarian—follow his lead today:

  1. Watch
    Meet Your Meat.”
  2. Read
    Skinny Bitch. (And watch PETA’s short interview
    with one of the coauthors).
  3. Rid
    your fridge of meat and replace it with protein-packed cholesterol-free
    products such as tofu, tempeh, beans, and nuts.
  4. Fill
    your plate with fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Check out our two-week sample menu!
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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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