is believing for a team of researchers from the University of Nevada–Reno who are
developing an app to help blind people navigate independently. Giving the
visually impaired more mobility without bringing more dogs into the world to
serve as guide dogs certainly qualifies as
progress in our book, so PETA has given the team a Proggy Award.

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app functions much like a GPS system, gauging the user’s pace, warning of
obstacles, and giving spoken directions. And unlike its canine counterpart, the
app doesn’t contribute to the animal overpopulation crisis. Guide-dog breeders take homes away
from dogs in animal shelters, as dogs who have become too old to work, along with
those who don’t make the
cut to begin with, must be put up for adoption. The app also doesn’t
mind being required to work day after day or being forbidden from socializing
while working.

call that a doggone good invention. 

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Article source: PETA Files

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