the upcoming Disney flick LOL, Lina Esco plays Miley Cyrus‘ fearless BFF who always
speaks her mind. The role wasn’t a stretch for Lina, who constantly looks for
opportunities to talk about the cause that is closest to her heart: getting
marine mammals out of captivity.

has helped create two stirring public service announcements about how marine parks such as SeaWorld abuse
and how the parks are responsible for Japan’s dolphin slaughter. One of the ads features a talented group of kids, and the other boasts a who’s who of Hollywood elite.
Now it’s Lina who is in front of the
camera, starring in a video for PETA in which she asks her fans not to
patronize marine-mammal shows:

makes a difference because she is never silent. Whether the cause you
are most passionate about is ending the abuse of animals in marine parks, preventing animals from being
killed for fur, or getting great apes out of
, learn how you can “never be silent.” 

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Article source: PETA Files

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