Tell Missouri Governor to Protect Undercover Investigations!

Missouri General Assembly has just passed Senate
Bill (S.B.) 631
, which could
stop vital undercover work that exposes routine, often violent, and criminal abuse
of animals in the factory-farming industry. If signed into law by the
governor, the bill would require that suspected abuse videotaped on factory
farms be reported to law-enforcement authorities within 24 hours, making it
difficult for whistleblowers and undercover investigators to secure evidence of
a pattern of routine, inherent cruelty that police and prosecutors demand. The
manipulative and misleading bill is nothing more than a desperate attempt by
agriculture industry giants to prevent consumers from learning the truth
about the miserable lives and gruesome deaths of animals on factory farms.

undercover investigations of factory farms, such as those conducted by PETA,
have revealed that pigs were beaten with metal gate rods and spraypainted in
the face, that employees stomped on and hurled turkeys, that animals were
sexually abused, that dairy farmers repeatedly kicked and electro-shocked cows
who were in too much pain to stand up, and much, much more. This bill is designed
to shroud factory farming in secrecy by making it harder for witnesses to
reveal these abuses as a pattern of behavior that is systemic, routine, and
inherent in the factory-farming industry—and not simply isolated incidents on a
single day. It could also deprive animals of the already minimal protection
that they have under the law.

Even if you live outside of
Missouri, you can help stop this bill from becoming law.
The meat from slaughtered
animals crosses state lines, and the governor needs to hear from consumers
across the country who care about the way that animals killed for food are

out the form below to urge Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to veto S.B. 631 today!


Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing as a caring consumer to urge you to veto Senate Bill (S.B.) 631, which would require that suspected abuse videotaped on factory farms be reported to law-enforcement authorities within 24 hours, in effect shutting down the ability of those concerned about the welfare of farmed animals to document a pattern of systemic, ongoing abuse, as police and prosecutors prefer before taking action. The bill is a clear attempt to hide from consumers the truth about cruelty to animals on factory farms.

Government inspection for health and cruelty violations on farms and in slaughterhouses is so poorly funded that only tens of thousands of cows are tested for mad cow disease out of the 34 million slaughtered annually in the U.S., and officials have been unable to determine the birthplace of a recent cow who tested positive. Past investigations of factory farms have found diseased and injured animals living in filthy conditions and have resulted in criminal convictions of farm managers and workers found beating, sexually abusing, stomping on, kicking, and throwing animals. To watch the video footage and see why it is so important that citizens retain their freedom to carefully document conditions on factory farms and relay the best possible evidence to law-enforcement authorities, please visit

Please don’t let the farming industry hide behind closed doors: Veto S.B. 631.

Thank you for your attention and for all that you do for Missourians.

[Your Name]

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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