Urge Mexican Officials to Transfer Lonely Lion to U.S. Sanctuary

Diego, a
young lion who was seized by Mexican wildlife officials during a criminal
investigation, has been languishing for nearly two years in a cramped, barren
cage at the Zacango Zoo outside Mexico City. Photographs and video footage
provided to PETA depict Diego pacing incessantly in his tiny cage—behavior
that is indicative of stress, boredom, and frustration. A U.S. sanctuary is
standing by to receive Diego and provide him with the care he needs—including room to roam
and the opportunity to enjoy the company of other big cats.

write to Mexico’s Federal Agency for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) and ask
that Diego be released to the designated U.S. sanctuary that is ready
to give him the space, environmental enrichment, care, and respect that he

letter will be sent to PROFEPA officials in Spanish, but it will be translated
as follows:

Please Send Diego the Lion to a U.S. Sanctuary!

I was saddened to learn about Diego, the young
lion who has been living in a barren, concrete cage at the Zacango Zoo for
nearly two years. Respectfully, I’m writing to urge PROFEPA to expedite his
transfer to the U.S sanctuary that stands ready to receive him, where he can be
provided with the space and specialized care he needs and deserves. Thank you
for your consideration.


Querido [Decision Maker],

[Your Name]

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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