U.S. Army’s plans to use animals in trauma training are enough to
make a goat faint. The army is in the
market to buy up to 3,600 goats to torment and kill in exercises like those
seen in this shocking
undercover video
, which PETA released
last month. The video, sent to us by a brave whistleblower, shows instructors as
they saw off live goats’ limbs with tree trimmers and crudely cut open the
animals’ abdomens and yank out their organs. Goats moan loudly and kick during
the procedures.

Goats are intelligent, inquisitive, social animals who can quickly learn
to open latches on farm gates and let themselves out. Moms and kids share a
strong bond and have been known to recognize each other even if they have been
separated for years.

The Army plans to mutilate
thousands of goats even though high-tech human simulators are readily available
and offer soldiers superior training in how to treat wounds in the field.

You can help: Send PETA’s two goat
images included here to the Army and urge it to save thousands of goats from
suffering and dying in cruel trauma training exercises by using modern
simulators instead. The Army is accepting bids only until June 11, so please
act now!

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Article source: PETA Files

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