something that you might not know about PETA: We hold stock in companies whose
policies we’re trying to change so that we can attend annual meetings and
propose shareholder
to try to push
companies to stop cruel practices. McDonald’s had one such meeting today, so, of course, we
were there with bells on.

campaigner Tracy Patton stood up and asked
McDonald’s executives why they continue to allow their suppliers to use an archaic slaughter method that includes slicing
chickens’ throats while they’re still conscious and scalding them to death in
defeathering tanks. She explained to the group of shareholders that an improved
slaughter method called “controlled-atmosphere killing” (CAK) would eliminate the
worst abuses of chickens and is already used by McDonald’s suppliers in Europe
and by other companies in
the U.S.

McDonald’s execs hemmed and hawed and made excuses, but they and the
shareholders got the message that PETA isn’t going to let McDonald’s cruel
slaughter of hundreds of millions of chickens each year be swept under the rug.

sure that McDonald’s gets the message from you, too. E-mail President Don
Thompson, and demand that the chain switch to CAK.

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Article source: PETA Files

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