Yesterday, a bird reportedly became
trapped inside a wall at Island
Lake Public School in Orangeville, Ontario. Callers have
reported that the bird can be heard “crying out” and “fluttering
and flapping” in a desperate attempt to escape. Our calls to the school have
gone unreturned, and the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals (Ontario SPCA) says that it can’t help! Local police kindly stated that
they would try to help on Monday, but this will likely be too late for the poor
bird, who has apparently been trapped for two days.

Please urge officials to locate and free
this animal immediately.

The bird was last heard “inside the wall, under the school’s only stairway,
next to the window.”

Polite comments can be directed to:

Martha Rogers
Director of Education
Upper Grand District School Board
519-822-4420, ext. 720

Bob Borden
Upper Grand District School Board

Bonnie Talbot 
Island Lake Public School

Ontario SPCA Orangeville and District Branch
519-939-8537 (after hours) 

Orangeville Police Service

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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