A longtime PETA supporter in New York is dedicated to rescuing cats from the cruel streets. She has adopted
several cats into her loving home and arranged for dying feral cats, including cats who had been hit by cars or were suffering from terminal
diseases, to be euthanized.

Her most recent rescue resulted from a
trip to the local shopping mall. She saw something moving near a Dumpster, and when
she stopped to investigate, she discovered a sickly looking cat who was walking
through broken glass and trash, desperately searching for scraps of food. The weak
and frail cat’s ribs were protruding, her eyes were oozing pus, and she was crawling
with parasites.

The woman called PETA, and while she
retrieved a humane live trap and a can of cat food from her car, we set up an
appointment with a local veterinarian who is always happy to help the supporter
and PETA. Just hours after the sick, starving feline was first spotted, the
animal was mercifully
, surrounded by caring people.

This determined animal advocate has
saved countless cats from unimaginable suffering simply by always making the time
to help. If you see an animal in need, please never be silent

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Article source: PETA Files

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