Memorial Day is an occasion to remember all those who have
died in the service of their country. Since the end of the draft, the U.S. has
boasted about our all-volunteer armed forces. But not all those who have served
have been volunteers—and many of our military casualties have worn fur or fins instead
of fatigues.

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With the help of its members and supporters, PETA has brought
an end to many of the cruel and lethal practices formerly inflicted on animals
by military organizations. Because of these victories, ferrets, for instance, are
no longer tortured in intubation experiments at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, dogs and cats aren’t wounded in trauma training, and monkeys won’t be
forced to endure drug overdoses at the army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground. But there is still work to be done.

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Please join PETA in honoring those animals who have given
their lives—though unnecessarily and under duress—in U.S. military operations
by assuring that more animals like them will be spared from misery and death:

  • The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) stabs, cuts
    the limbs off, shoots, and mutilates goats and pigs in deadly and archaic training exercises for medics and soldiers, even though superior non-animal methods exist and are used in nearly every civilian hospital and in many military
    trauma hospitals.
  • In other military tests, animals have been poisoned, irradiated, infected,
    burned, and blown up
    in order to (poorly) simulate the effects of warfare on humans.
  • Other animals die on the front lines—including dogs deployed with combat troops, dolphins and sea lions used as “lookouts,”
    birds exploited as early detectors for chemical and biological weapons, and
    rats forced into mine detection. Even the animals who survive their “tours
    of duty” can suffer
    for years afterward
  • Sonar equipment tested—and proposed for
    implementation—by the U.S. Navy has caused often-lethal hemorrhages, embolisms,
    and nervous system pressure in whales and dolphins.
  • More than 90 desert tortoises died when they were ill-advisedly relocated from their homes on land near
    California’s Fort Irwin so that the Army could conduct war games there.
    Fortunately, further relocation was suspended before more of these endangered animals

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Animals don’t recognize differences between countries, and
they don’t start wars. One good way to observe Memorial Day is to send a message to the DoD asking officials to protect our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines in the
line of fire—and leave animals out of it.

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Article source: PETA Files

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