“I spend almost as much time in the water as I do on land, so I really relate to frogs and other amphibians! Sadly, I’ve found dead frogs in my pool, and it’s heartbreaking to know that they drowned because they weren’t able to get onto dry land. PETA’s Frog Saver Lily Pad-which snaps onto a pool ladder, wall, or garden pond-is a real lifesaver for frogs, lizards, baby ducks, and other small animals because it can help them get out of the water. It’s a must-have device! And it’s as cute as a frog’s lips.”

Amanda Beard for PETA

the rain forests! Save the whales! Save the frogs? You bet! This ingenious
“lily pad” gives frogs just the leg up that they need to prevent them
from drowning in swimming pools. Snapped onto the pool ladder or attached to
the wall with the included suction cup, the Frog Saver helps frogs, lizards,
and other small animals.

10-inch diameter

plastic construction

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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