most wanted man, Luka Rocco
, is believed to
have fled to France after allegedly posting a gruesome snuff video of the
murder and dismemberment of an acquaintance, Lin Jun, online and mailing some
of the victim’s body parts to government offices. It turns out that this
probably isn’t the self-described porn star’s first videotaped killing

Serial Kitten

protectionists have been tracking Magnotta for more than two years, ever since a video titled “1
boy 2 kittens” was posted online in 2010. The video showed a man who is believed to be Magnotta placing two
kittens inside a bag and suffocating them by vacuuming out the air. One year
later, a second video surfaced in which the same man allowed a kitten to
be attacked and eaten by a python. Days later, a third video appeared in which a cat was duct-taped to a broomstick and drowned in a bathtub
filled with water.

might end up killing human beings one day,” read an eerily prophetic post on
the animal protection group Animal Beta Project’s (ABP) Facebook page in 2011. “He
might just not stop with animals.”

Activists Step In

After the second video surfaced, PETA U.K. offered
a reward for information leading to the perpetrator’s arrest, and PETA U.S.,
together with ABP, documented Magnotta’s online profiles, blogs, websites,
known associates, relatives, and whereabouts. PETA and ABP passed the information
along to the Ontario SPCA and the Toronto Police Service, which unsuccessfully sought
warrants for Magnotta’s arrest.

When Magnotta made the news earlier this week, PETA
got in touch with the Montréal police and provided it with the information on
the kitten-killing videos, in hopes of reviving the cruelty-to-animals charges
and bolstering the police’s case against Magnotta. A member of the Montréal police
department’s cyber team will be analyzing the information.

If Magnotta is indeed responsible for these heinous
crimes, could he have been prevented from graduating to murder if he’d been
caught and punished after killing kittens? We may never know, but this tragedy
is a prime example of why it is vital always to take acts of violence
against animals
seriously and to prosecute the offenders vigorously. If you
ever witness cruelty, even by children, please report it to the authorities
immediately. You will be protecting the community as a whole, as well as

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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