We’ve told
you before
how cats and ferrets suffer in archaic training courses at Washington University
in St. Louis. Now, we’ve obtained a photo of the miserable living conditions for
a monkey named George, who is also confined to this facility:

Information on who is experimenting on George was not
released, but we wonder if it might be Dora Angelaki, who has been crowned Vivisector
of the Month for the month of June. Angelaki, who recently left Washington
University to become chair of the neuroscience department at Baylor College of Medicine
in Texas, drills screws into monkeys’ skulls and implants a “head ring,”
which attaches to an apparatus to control the animals’ heads. She also implants
coils into their eyes and electrodes into their ears before strapping the
monkeys to a chair designed to immobilize their bodies as they are spun and
shaken so that Angelaki can observe their ability to track a target. In some
cases, she damages parts of the monkeys’ brains first. Angelaki has received
more than $18 million in federal tax money for her primate experiments.

How You Can Help
Animals in Laboratories

While Angelaki has left Washington University, there are
still animals there who need your help. Please urge the school to end the use
of animals in cruel and archaic intubation training exercises and replace them
with modern, effective teaching methods.

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Article source: PETA Files

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