Your wedding is your special day! It’s an opportunity to celebrate
yourself, your partner, and the love you both share. Planning a wedding can be
stressful, and often, other people’s opinions and ideas are thrown at you. Be
sure to remember that it is your day,
and that it’s OK to stay true to yourself. If it’s a cruelty-free vegan wedding
that you want, we’re here to help you make it happen!

This is the perfect opportunity
to show your friends and family the joys of a vegan lifestyle. They’ll be blown
away by how beautiful and fabulous a completely animal-free wedding can be.

Deciding on the food, clothing,
decorations, honeymoon location, and all the other details that go into
planning a wedding might seem a bit overwhelming. However, the end result—a
gorgeous and cruelty-free celebration of your love—will be worth it. With your
compassionate heart and with PETA’s Vegan Wedding Guide in hand, you’re sure to
have an inspiring and unforgettable wedding!

the Compassionate Bride

Suits for the Hubby-to-Be

Wedding Food

Wedding Cakes Everyone Will Love

for Your Vegan Wedding

Favorite Vegan Wedding Favors

for a Happy Honeymoon

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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