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The Los Angeles County Department of
Public Health held a contest to create the most eye-catching and informative
packaging for its free condoms, and … well, let’s just say that eye-catching and
informative are what PETA does best

Doctors say that the Atkins diet could be bad for the
. Shocker.

animal shelters are slowly killing animals. Here’s how

What swim, have fins, and are radioactive? … And the male ones may
also have a lower sperm
than natural as well as female body parts. 

If people you know are still using
products that have been tested on animals, PETA’s alarming video “Testing … One, Two, Three” might be all it takes
to change their minds.


What better way to celebrate a day that’s
all about love than by showing how much you love animals? See how your big day
can make a big difference for our furry friends with PETA’s vegan wedding guide

If you need yet another reason to love
Stella McCartney, here’s a big one: She’s giving one lucky PETA supporter her Falabella Cross Body Bag, worth
$1,095. Enter to win it!


El Al Airlines has reneged on its
promise not to ship monkeys to laboratories. Tell the airline to stop profiting from cruelty to

The California State Legislature is
considering a bill that would ban using dogs to hunt bears and bobcats. Urge the Assembly to pass this
, which would protect all
three species from cruelty.

National Laboratories is poisoning squirrels on its grounds even though PETA
has given the company information on humane squirrel control. Urge Sandia to adopt the humane
and more effective methods

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Frederick Keys minor league baseball team in Maryland is planning to strap
monkeys onto dogs’ backs while the dogs herd sheep and to release a captured
dove as part of its between-innings entertainment. Tell the team that cruelty to animals has no place
in the great American pastime

Revlon to come clean about whether it’s paying for animal tests in order to
market its cosmetics in China, and encourage the company always to be cruelty-free

each saltwater fish displayed on PETCO’s shelves, nine more died before even
reaching the store as a result of their traumatic capture. Urge PETCO to stop dealing in
saltwater animals
who were ripped from
their natural homes.

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