the cat and his guardian had spent 20 happy years together. Of course, the time finally came when, because of Max’s advanced age, his
health deteriorated. This always-friendly cat was losing weight fast, crying out
often, and suffering from dementia. He even began biting people out of
confusion or pain or both. Max’s guardian had waited too long to end his
suffering, and he knew it. He called PETA.

wanting Max to suffer another minute more, we quickly arranged for euthanasia
at a local vet’s office. Although saying “Goodbye” to his constant
companion of two decades was agonizing for him, Max’s guardian knew that he
owed it to this beloved cat to do the right thing, no matter how difficult it
was. This was not a time to be thinking about himself. Max was all that

folks let their animal companions go on too long because they feel guilty about
euthanasia or are afraid of letting go. But we must be strong and always make
the best decisions for them. Isn’t that the very least that they deserve?

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Article source: PETA Files

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