Today is “Take
Your Dog to Work” Day
. That’s celebrated every day in PETA’s offices,
but many workplaces aren’t yet welcoming canine companions. If your workplace is one of those, here are five great ways to make sure your dog stays happy
and healthy year-round while you toil away at the office:

● “In”
Is in Style:
Keep your dogs inside while you’re away. Dogs left unattended
in their own yards, even for a few minutes, have been stolen, poisoned, and otherwise abused. They’re also at risk for heatstroke in the
summer and frostbite, hypothermia, and dehydration in the winter.

● Can
the Crate:
Locking dogs in a cage all day is simply cruel. It deprives
dogs of basic necessities, such as the freedom to walk around and look out the
window, the opportunity to relieve themselves, and the comfort of stretching

● Water,
Water Everywhere:
A thirsty dog is an unhappy—and, eventually, an unhealthy—one.
Make sure you leave plenty of fresh water for your faithful tail-waggers.

● Companions
Need Companions, Too:
If your pup is all alone, consider adopting another
dog from a shelter. That way, they can keep each other company and
chase away boredom together.

● Getting
A full-time workday is much too long for dogs to put their bodily
functions on hold—and they need their exercise, too. If you can’t get home
often enough to let your dog out, hire a professional dog walker or engage the
services of a qualified doggie daycare center. Consider putting in a doggie door if your yard is securely privacy-fenced and locked.

Plus, of course, be sure to give your dogs plenty of love and attention when you get home. After all, they’ll do the same for you!

Emma is focused on the day’s next project: getting a treat!

Josie spends her days getting lots of attention in the office and lots of playtime in PETA’s dog park

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Article source: PETA Files

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