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If you plan to spend part of the weekend
knocking around the house, did you know that you can help animals every time you take out the trash

Been jamming to some One Direction? Guess what really makes you beautiful

Soccer moms aren’t the only ones who can
regale you with stories of their children’s first words. Goats recall the sound of their
kids’ bleats
even after they’ve been
separated for a long time.

I can’t top this headline, so I won’t
try: “Single Parent
Beaver Dad Gives a Dam


After a truck hauling 600 turkeys for
Circle S farm overturned, workers left turkeys to suffer for hours and
allegedly abused others. Help
us put pressure on Circle S
to develop a humane accident-response plan.

Officials with Florida’s Suwannee River
Water Management District are considering allowing bowhunting on district
lands. Urge the board not
to allow bowhunting
, which often causes deer
to die slowly and painfully when they are shot but not killed.

you for helping to free birds
trapped at an Illinois mall
! After hearing from all
of you, officials freed the birds, veterinarians treated those with injuries,
and the mall is making its roof safe for birds.

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