Social, intelligent, and loyal, pigs are highly sensitive animals
who enjoy communicating with each other, making
nests, and relaxing in the sun. But on Wednesday, July 4, the Bridge Foursquare
Church in Christiansburg, Virginia, has scheduled a “Greased Pig Scramble”
at its “Old Fashioned July Fourth Celebration.” Such events typically
involve frantic groups of people chasing, grabbing at, and tackling terrified
pigs in pens lined with screaming crowds. Being trucked to and fro and
subjected to the violence and general chaos of these events is a horrific
and hazardous ordeal for the pigs, who often sustain severe injuries such as
broken limbs and backs. PETA has asked the church to replace this cruel activity
with any number of humane alternatives, but to no avail. We need your help

Please politely urge
Bridge Foursquare Church to
cancel the Greased Pig Scramble. And please, spread this alert far and wide!

Send polite comments to:

Joey Lyons
Youth/Associate Pastor
Life Dr.
Christiansburg, Virginia 24073

Ministry Director

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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