Birds of a
feather flocked to PETA’s L.A. office this weekend for what was quite possibly
the world’s cluckiest adoption fair. Seventy-eight hens made themselves a
comfortable roost in the Bob
Barker Building
while adopters listened to the hens’ story and snacked on vegan egg-salad

The hens had
been used by egg producer AL Poultry until the company went out of business last February and simply left 50,000 hens
to die in battery cages without any food or water. Two weeks after AL shut
its doors, Animal Place sanctuary and other animal advocates got wind of how
AL ran afoul of the fowl and rushed in to rescue the hens. Many had
already died or were too ill to save, but rescuers were able to save nearly 4,500
hens and nurse them to health.

At the adoption
event that PETA hosted, the blissful birds got a Hollywood ending when they
were whisked away by SoCal families who will let the birds be birds and finally live the life that they deserve.

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Article source: PETA Files

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