As a result of PETA’s hard work with
local members and activists, the Dane County,
Wisconsin, Board of Supervisors has enacted a ban on elephant performances at all county-owned

James Preston
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PETA members and members of
local animal rights group Alliance
for Animals
had written to and called
the local board to ask for the ban, attended supervisors’ meetings to speak in
favor of it, and garnered support from the community. It took only six months
for the efforts to pay off.

The supervisor who proposed
the ban, Al Matano, stated:

Elephants don’t belong in trucks, they don’t belong in
circuses, and we decided as a county [in 2000] not to keep them at our zoo,
because we weren’t able to house them humanely. So having them at our expo
center makes no sense. It’s not possible to have elephants in a traveling show
and treat them carefully enough.

For help getting a similar
ban passed in your community, contact PETA’s Action Team

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Article source: PETA Files

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