a huge victory for animals, Judge Greg Parker of Florida’s 3rd Judicial Circuit
has ordered that Caboodle Ranch not get back any of the animals who were seized
following a PETA
undercover investigation
 Just as importantly, Judge Parker
ruled that Caboodle cannot possess or
have custody of any live animals

Evidence of Abuse

ruling comes after three days of evidence presented by both the Madison County attorney
and Caboodle’s attorney. Judge Parker noted that Caboodle never adequately
explained why it informed county officials that it had 400 animals when more
than 600 were seized—fewer than 200 of whom had veterinary records. The judge observed
that numerous lethargic animals, laboring to breathe, were found in desperate
need of veterinary care in a deteriorated building among blood- and
mucus-smeared windows; that there was a “noxious” odor; and that similarly
sick animals were found across the property. In other words, the court
described a reality at Caboodle starkly similar to that documented by PETA’s investigator.

Parker ruled that the evidence indicated “clearly and convincingly”
that the animals were not receiving proper care and concluded that Caboodle “is
not able and fit to have custody of the animals.”

Hope for the Future

have been cared for in a temporary shelter and finally given the veterinary
care that they so desperately needed and the compassion that they always
deserved, have been turned over to the custody of the Madison County Sheriff’s
Office (MCSO).

We want to thank the Madison County Animal Control Department, the
MCSO, and the 3rd Judicial District of Florida State Attorney’s Office for
pursuing this case with the seriousness that it deserves. We’re also grateful
to the many humane agencies and responders who have labored tirelessly for
months to care for these animals and give them a clean, safe place to stay. Let’s
hope that once they recover, they will find happiness with responsible families
who will give them all the love and attention that they need and deserve.

Your Help Is
Still Needed

charges based on PETA’s evidence—including a felony count for the neglect of one
cat, Lilly—are still pending against Caboodle founder and operator Craig Grant. Grant and
Caboodle continue to ask the public for donations, including money to defend
Grant against a felony charge of scheming to defraud those who already gave him money!

urge the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to end this by
canceling Caboodle’s registration to solicit contributions. 


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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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