What can you buy the bride and
groom who have everything? PETA found the perfect wedding present for PETA
supporter Alec Baldwin and his bride, Hilaria
, halfway around the world: an Indian bullock named Raja who had carried a heavy
weight on his shoulders for years, pulling a cart overloaded with tons of
sugarcane. Raja has now been renamed Baldwin Thomas in honor of the newlyweds,
and he will spend the rest of his days relaxing at the PETA-funded Animal Rahat sanctuary in India.

When Animal Rahat veterinarians
first met Baldwin Thomas, his owner had brought the aging bullock to them for medical care. But when the vets saw that the 22-year-old animal was
suffering from arthritis and squamous cell carcinoma in his left eye, they
convinced his owner to let him retire.

After a successful operation to
remove the cancerous growth, treatment for his arthritis, and lots of TLC, Baldwin
Thomas is now much healthier and much happier. And after a life spent toiling
under the hot Indian sun, the bullock with the famous name is content to spend
his “moment in the sun” resting in the shade.

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Article source: PETA Files

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