Tell Cabot Creamery to Stop Mutilating Cows!

Cows exploited for their milk, such as the
ones used to make Cabot cheese, are almost always born with tissue that will
develop into horns. But because farmers are afraid to work with horned cattle,
they use searing-hot irons or caustic chemicals to destroy calves’ sensitive
horn tissue. On older cows, workers cut off already developed horns using
knives or other sharp tools or gouge the horns out with a spoon-like device—often without using any painkillers

and calves struggle desperately during dehorning, tossing their heads, rearing
up, bellowing, and even collapsing. These are all signs of severe pain and
distress, which can last for hours after the mutilation—and if there are any
complications or infections, recovery can take even longer.

Your voice is needed! Please urge Cabot
to put an end to painful and crude dehorning and to breed for naturally
hornless, or “polled,” cows instead. Because the polled gene is
dominant, Cabot could see results quickly.


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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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