As PETA pal Bill Maher prepares to perform in Alberta and British Columbia, he’s proved that he’s a
stand-up guy in a different sense by sending a letter to Bob Rae, leader of
Canada’s Liberal Party, urging him to support Sen. Mac Harb’s bill to end the commercial seal

Photo courtesy of Bill Maher

Bill joins celebrities, including Pamela Anderson, Pink,
Olivia Munn, Russell Simmons, Tommy Lee, Alicia Silverstone, Dave Navarro,
Joanna Krupa, Megan Park, and many others, who have voiced their support for
the momentous bill and encouraged their fans to do the same.

Bill has been a vocal opponent of the annual seal massacre, and his letter comes just weeks after the Senate
agreed to continue the debate. Many appeals have already been made to the conservatives,
who hold a majority, so Bill chose to address the Liberal Party, mentioning
that he hadn’t expected much from the conservatives but that he “had hoped
for more” from the liberals.

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What You Can Do

Be like Bill—compassionate Canadians can contact their senators directly, but no matter where you’re from, please urge Canada’s leaders to support Sen.
Harb’s bill today.

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Article source: PETA Files

One thought on “Bill Maher to Liberals: I ‘Hoped for More’

  1. Myself and family rarely misses your show, even though I’m a little shy at some of some of your comments . I like you humane fairness and wish for you to hear my story. ( sorry its not about animals ,never saw an option.

    Sincerely ,

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