Here at PETA, we like comfort food as much as the next person.
Thing is, we like it sans cruelty. When it comes to mac and cheese, that means
finding a cheese substitute that can deliver the same gooey goodness as
dairy-based dishes.

What’s better than cheddar? Cashew-,soy-, and almond-based cheese

We searched far and wide to bring you a list of the best vegan
mac and cheese dishes. Next time you’re traveling, treating yourself to a favorite meal, or
settling in with some take-out, try the dishes at these top-notch restaurants.

Sublime Restaurant Bar

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Macaroni noodles in a Dijon béchamel cheddar “cheese”
sauce, topped with crumbly panko breadcrumbs make this vegan mac and cheese a
first-place winner. Oven-baked until crispy brown and garnished with green
onions, it’s a meal you won’t forget.




City Cakes Cafe

Salt Lake City, Utah 

City Cake’s vegan
“cheese” sauce is made with cashews, giving it a rich, creamy flavor.
Roasted red peppers and 100 percent durum wheat spiral noodles round out the
dish for a robust meal.


Wallflower Modern Diner

Vancouver, B.C. 

The Wallflower has vegan mac and cheese down to a T. Their vegan version, called “Vegan Mac n Cheesy,” combines macaroni and vegan cheddar
with mixed greens. If you want to up the ante, opt for adding in chopped vegan
hot dogs.


Soul Vegetarian Restaurant

Tallahassee, Fla.

Light enough to mow down, yet hearty
enough to savor, this dish packs a punch. Soul’s mac and cheese is served as a
side, making it a perfect addition to the restaurant’s steamed collards greens or BBQ tofu
and cornbread. Can you say “comfort food”?


Belmont Vegetarian 

Worcester, Mass.

The recipe’s a secret, but we don’t need
to know just what’s in it to know we love it. A blend of almond milk, soy milk, and vegan cheddar cheese gives this dish a smooth taste while more vegan
cheddar cheese baked on top makes it extra saucy.




Honorable Mentions

Plum BistroSeattle, Washington

This soy-based, spicy Cajun mac and
cheese is a variation on the traditional dish. Served with crushed chili flakes and
heated atop a grill, it’s nice and crispy on top and warm and gooey inside.




Cornbread Cafe, Eugene, Ore. 

With a creamy, full-flavored
cashew-based taste, the Mac unCheese sauce has been likened to a nice béchamel.
Roll up your sleeves and prepare for pure joy. 




Feeling inspired? Request your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit,
and the next time you decide to whip up a batch of mac and cheese at home, try PETA’s vegan macaroni-and-cheese casserole recipe.

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