sure need your help! Coast Guard training instructors were captured on video cutting
off the limbs of live goats with tree trimmers and pulling out the animals’ internal
organs. You think that’s awful, right? Well, continue reading to see just how
goats are depending on you to help end these horrific training exercises!

 1. This goat is going to freeze her tongue to
a flagpole if you don’t help stop the Coast Guard’s training exercises.

This goat is going to shave his goatee if you don’t help prevent the Coast
Guard from hurting his friends.

This baby goat is going to cry a river of tears if you let the Coast Guard
continue to use goats for its training exercises.

This goat knows some dirt about you but won’t post it on Facebook if you help
end the Coast Guard’s mutilations.

This goat will never fess up to where he put the rest of your tractor if you
don’t tell the Coast Guard to leave his brothers and sisters alone.

6. and 7. These two kids won’t stop spying on you if you don’t speak up now for goats
suffering at the hands of the Coast Guard.

8. This goat is going to eat your mail if you don’t tell the Coast Guard
to use lifelike human simulators instead of goats. 

This goat is going to take a long walk off this short ledge if you don’t
reassure her that you’ll do your best to save goats from becoming victims of
the Coast Guard.

This goat is going to backwash into your drinking water if you don’t spread the
word about these vile Coast Guard training exercises to all your friends.

This goat might not make it in time if you don’t demand that the Coast Guard
stop using goats … NOW!

12. This
goat will continue to ride this poor cow like a surfboard if you don’t click
the button below now to take action against the Coast Guard.

could let these goats down? Not you! That’s why you will take action now to urge U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security
officials to take immediate steps to comply with federal regulations and
completely replace the use of animals in all military trauma training with
superior non-animal training methods. Simply
put, the U.S. government needs to stop killing goats!

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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