The movement to end vivisection is gaining more allies every year as groups like PETA continue to find creative
new ways to expose the cruelty that millions of mice, rats, dogs, primates, and
other animals are forced to endure in laboratories. The proof is in the

PETA, along with researchers from the
University of Alabama–Birmingham and Manhattanville College, studied the results of independent Gallup polls conducted from 2001 to 2011,
in each of which approximately 1,000 Americans were asked whether they found “medical
testing on animals” to be “morally acceptable” or “morally
wrong.” The results are heartening: Opposition to animal testing increased
overall, across all age groups and political affiliations and both genders.

According to the surveys,
the majority of adults ages 18 to 29 and the majority of women are opposed to
animal testing. And nearly half of all
adults don’t approve of the fact that animals are burned, poisoned, and hacked apart in

The study (which is just one of the many that PETA’s team of
has published in peer-reviewed journals) makes one thing abundantly clear: The tide is turning in
favor of getting animals out of laboratories.

Help us make sure that public
policies evolve with society’s growing compassion for animals. Please e-mail
your senators and representatives and ask them to stand with their constituents
and stop funneling taxpayer money into cruel experiments on animals.

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Article source: PETA Files

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