One day 18 years
ago, I was out walking my dogs along a bike trail when I saw a bicyclist stop
and do something peculiar: He took out his water bottle, and instead of taking
a swig, he opened up the top and dumped a pile of cat kibble onto the ground.
He was immediately swarmed by cats, who, I later learned, were being fed scraps
by a trio of elderly brothers who lived nearby in a dilapidated shack (which
dated back to the days when the trail was a railroad track).

Over several
weeks, I trapped the cats, who were initially terrified, having had very little
human contact. But all of them were born lap cats and quickly decided that life
in a warm, cozy house
with three square meals a day beat hiding under piles of
junk and scrounging for scraps of stale bread and days-old meat.

Outgoing Ziggy,
whom I adopted along with three of his relatives, was the fastest to decide
people weren’t such a bad lot, and today, he acts as ambassador to all human
and animal visitors. If he’s awake, he’s purring (and sometimes he even purrs
in his sleep!). I’ve had many cat companions over the years, but only Ziggy has
earned the title of Best Cat in the Universe for his unfailing graciousness,
dignity, and sunny disposition. If he were a human, he would be Prince

© Kencredible
Best Cat in the Universe

As Ziggy can
attest, life for “outdoor cats” is no walk in the park. Over the
years, Ziggy has had several bouts with diseases that could have led to a
lingering, painful death if he had not received veterinary care. That’s why it
is vital always to trap stray and feral cats and either bring them indoors or take them to a reputable animal shelter. Even
if homes can’t be found for them, at least they are safe from the many dangers that
they face outdoors, including attacks by dogs and wildlife; being poisoned,
shot, or hit by cars; and contracting deadly contagious diseases.

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Article source: PETA Files

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