A PETA staffer walking to the Los
Angeles office one morning spotted an opossum sitting in the middle of the road, bleeding from her mouth. Several men were
jabbing her with sticks.

Look closely: Even when injuries
aren’t obvious, an animal may be suffering.

With the help of several coworkers, the
staffer cleared everyone from the area. Then she gathered up the opossum and
drove to the nearest animal shelter so that the injured animal could be assessed.
Shelter staff determined that the opossum was a mother carrying a pouch full of
babies and that her injuries were quite severe: Euthanasia was deemed the most merciful option for
both the mother and her babies. The staffer’s speedy response saved this opossum family from being hit by
another car, being further tormented by cruel people, or suffering and slowly
dying from their injuries or from heatstroke, dehydration, or starvation.

If you spot an injured animal on the road, please don’t leave
the animal to suffer. If you can safely collect the animal, transport him or
her to the nearest animal shelter or vet’s office for assessment and/or euthanasia.
If you don’t think that you can contain the animal, call the police or animal
control, stress the urgency of the situation, and stay with the animal until
help arrives. If all local options fail, please call PETA.

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Article source: PETA Files

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